Cook gluten free with Valentina!

Valentina cooks for passion.

Born in the Puglie region in Italy, Valentina has always been in and around the kitchen since she was a little girl. It was her grandmother who taught her the techniques and the secrets to make fresh pasta, very popular in the Puglie.

After a degree in architecture and a journey to Spain, she moved to Madrid where she actually lives.

There she founded Trigoduro, a blog where she teaches how to make fresh pasta with gluten and recently also gluten free!

cooking class gluten free pizza
cooking class gluten free pizza in Madrid

Valentina’s challenge is to show that traditional recipes can be adapted and become gluten free to make happy also people who live with different food intolerances.

Her recipes are purely Italian, coming from that special tradition that is rooted in the past but at the same time Valentina looks always ahead,  and she never stops to create and to experiment new possibilities and new ingredients in her recipes.

Today she also gives cooking classes in Madrid so if you would like to join Valentina in one of her classes, you can check out her blog for availabilities:

or send her an email to:

Valentina is lovely in person and very talented as a cook, I am sure that you will have a great time with her and gluten free pasta, pizza, bread or cakes will have no more secrets for you 😉

cooking class gluten free vegan pizza

Cooking Classes

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