Here there are some great gluten free cookies: Les Affranchis.

Les Affranchis is a newly born French brand who set the challenge to make gluten free cookies so generous, rich and good that everybody could not only and hardly spot the difference with a gluten one but also become completely addicted to them!

Furthermore these gluten free cookies are made with top quality ingredients: genuine butter, 100% gluten free certified flours and much love.

I do think that you can make great food only if you truly love cooking and also eating.

Today the gluten free cookies by Les Affranchis are available in three flavours:

  • Milk chocolate and hazelnuts from Piemonte region in Italy: this famous round-shaped hazelnut tastes incredible ! You need to try it at least one in a lifetime, so good!
  • Dark chocolate with caramel from Isigny: this one is just…one word …YUMMY!
  • White chocolate with green lemon: a great duo! I did like how the fresh and sparkling taste of the lemon married beautifully with the round, warm taste of the white chocolate.

What I also enjoyed is that Les Affranchis are available both in individual size – so comfy to bring them along – or in a packaging to keep them at home as a rescue-sweet tooth-last minute-remedy 😉

The founder and recipe developper of the brand is a smart, funny, determined French woman: Karen.

Karen and I met at SAAPS (the gluten free fair) in April this year. Our booths were close: me showcasing gluten free Italian artisanal products and Karen her rocking cookies.

We soon became chatty neighbours and happily exchanged experiences and also Italian pasta versus gluten free cookies.

Definitely a WIN/WIN situation 🙂

And here she is, ladies and gentlemen, Karen!

She subtitled her brand the “gourmet gangsters” with the mission to free to world from bad, poor tasting gluten free foods and spread great tasting cookies everywhere.

So are you part of this gang??!! As far as I am concerned … I am already 🙂

Les Affranchis



To find the closest point of sales!points-de-vente/wl6bd 







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