Today I am happy to present you the recipe to make a great vegan gluten free cake, with chocolate and almonds.

The author of this recipe is a lovely Italian girl and apprentice gluten free cook called Federica De Vincentiis. I discovered Federica via Instagram and I do like what she’s doing.

I am a big gluten free cake lover.

The reason why is that, to me, eating a slice of a good, rich, moist gluten free cake  feels like a cuddle, a hug, something warm and enveloping. If I pair it with a great cup of my favourite green tea or coffee, that’s pure happiness for me. The pleasure of simple things.

Federica told me that she will soon create a blog to share more gluten free recipes with us all. When someone is that talented, I can’t be happier.

And in the meantime… let’s all eat (gluten) free cake!

As you are going to see, making this yummy gluten free cake is very easy.


In a big bowl mash the bananas with the cane sugar.

Add the oil and the soja milk. Mix.

Sift all the flours, the starches, the cocoa powder, the baking powder and mix them with the other ingredients by adding the powders slowly in the mixture. Keep mixing while you add them.

Add the chocolate chips.


Grease and flour a cake tin.

Pour in the mix.

Add some almonds on top.


Pre-heat the oven to 180° C and cook for about 40/45 minutes.


Let it cool down before serving.



Recipe for a cake tin cm 25×12:
– 2 ripe bananas
– 200 gr cane sugar
– 60 ml sunflower oil
– 220 ml soya milk
– 200 gr rice flour
– 35 gr maïzena (corn starch)
– 65 gr potato starch
– 50 gr bitter cocoa powder
– 60 gr almond flour
– 16 gr baking powder
– black chocolate chips and almonds as you like them


Recipe by Federica De Vincentiis

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