Gluten free chocolat and torrone from Italy!

Here it comes a brand new product from Italy that we are going to find soon in stores, in France, thanks to Ciao Gusto: Autore.

Autore is a range of gluten free chocolate and torrone that are made in Italy following the best artisanal tradition of chocolate production.

I met Antonio Autore, the founder, in Paris during the Italian food fair Cultural. What struck me at the very beginning was the packaging, those pastel colours are just so beautiful! Furthermore the chocolate and the torrone come inside the cutest boxes that I have ever seen and I can say that I do have a passion for boxes. I love them so much that a couple of years ago, I created a project in Italy called “Pacco d’artista” (Artists Box) especially conceived for the Italian mail. When I came back to Paris, I managed to present it to the French mail as well, who knows that maybe one that it will happen here too…

Going back to chocolate, I loved talking to Antonio. He told me that some years ago he gave up his job in a big, international company and decided to concentrate on his passions: food and chocolate. Antonio travelled a lot to select the best possible fava beans and bring them back to San Marco dei Cavoti, a lovely town close to Benevento, in the beautiful Campania region, where he was born and wanted to come back to.

delicious gluten free chocolate by Autore brand

The recipes respect the best tradition of handcrafted chocolate treats but, at the same time, Antonio aims at re-writing that same tradition pushing boundaries, trying new flavours, combining different consistencies.

If I might suggest, you have to taste the “croccantino”: a blend of caramelized almonds and hazelnuts with honey and sugar, covered with extra fine dark chocolate that is utterly delicious. When I was a child, my dad used to bring some at home during Christmas’ holidays and my brother and I, well especially I, loved them so much. I am feeling the same for Autore today.

Then there is the croccantino with “fig and honey” made out of the renown white figs from Cilento, a true specialty here!

There are also more classic flavours like pistachio from Sicily or mint that always marries so beautifully with dark chocolate.

All the ingredients are top quality ones, sourced all over Italy to find the very best.

And we shall not forget the gluten free chocolate spread with hazelnuts and small bits of torrone that make it even yummier.

In Italy, instead of bread, we often use pizza as the perfect canvas where we spread chocolate.

One food experience that I recommend to do at least once in a lifetime…!

And if I made you curious enough to try them, the good news is that Autore is also on sale online:

gluten free torrone


On sale on line on:





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