One of the best gluten free brunch in Paris

Today it’s Sunday and I am heading to the 9th arrondissement in Paris to have gluten free brunch with Amélie, a beautiful, lively French blogger that I got to know via Instagram. Amélie runs a beautiful blog called Equilibre et Saveurs: she is specialised in gluten free, dairy free recipes and she is working on her first e-book, that’s just been released the day I am publishing this post.

We decided to go to one of my favourite gluten free vegan restaurants in Paris: Le Potager de Charlotte.

Le Potager de Charlotte is a family run-business: Adrien Valentin and his brother David left their previous occupations and joined in a new adventure; they started everything from scratch and put together a place that feels like home. This restaurant is warm, the design is bright, and the food always comes with a smile. Besides it is very good.

I have never tried their brunch though but good friends of mine, Ariana from Paris to go and Berta from Sin Gluten pero Gourmet, kept telling me how good it was and I ended up by being curious and eager to taste it.

Amélie and I started with hot tea, a freshly pressed juice, porridge with chia seeds and almond milk, gluten free artisanal bread served with homemade jams and a vegan butter that was delicious! It was the first time that I tried one, at the Potager it is made of mango and coconut; I was happily surprised how totally addictive it was!

gluten free pancake at Le Potager de Charlotte Paris
delicious gluten free crêpes with homemade chocolate at Le Potager de Charlotte Paris
gluten free brunch at Le Potager de Charlotte Paris
gluten free chia pudding Le Potager de Charlotte Paris

The cherry on the cake is the gluten free crêpes with homemade chocolate hazelnuts spread. They are to die for! I felt I was in heaven and I ate them slowly – which is quite new to me…- to deeply appreciate each bite. If you think I might be exaggerating, well, you should to try them. Fluffy, tasty, served with fresh seasonal fruit all around, these crêpes are perfect comfort food.

Then, for the savoury side of the brunch, we had one specialty The Potager de Charlotte has become famous all over Paris: the “avocat façon oeuf mayo” (avocado + egg with mayonnaise). We are in a vegan restaurant so actually there is no egg. The taste, however, reminded me of one and also its perfectly, creamy consistency.

Both Amélie and I left with a smile and I can say that this is definitely one of the best gluten free brunch in town.

Bravo to Adrien and Valentin who keep always improving their recipes and make their customers happy!

pS for the gluten free bread, when you reserve the brunch, don’t forget to mention it. Depending of the gluten free brunches that are reserved that day, the bread is bought accordingly so nothing gets wasted.

gluten free avocado at Le Potager de Charlotte
here she comes Amelie from the gluten free blog equilibre et saveurs

Le Potager de Charlotte

12 Rue de la Tour d’Auvergne
75009 Paris
Tel. 01 44 65 09 63



Opening hours

Thur – Dat
12 am – 2.30 pm
7 – 10.30 pm
12 am – 3.30 pm



The kitcken handles only gluten free ingredients


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