Today I am happy to present you one gluten free blog that I love: Equilibre et Saveurs. Equilibre et Saveurs is specialised in gluten free but also lactose free recipes, all vegetarian. The founder is a young, beautiful and lively French girl that I got the chance to meet a few months ago: Amélie. I am particularly pleased that the day I am publishing this interview, it is also about the release of her first ebook, Congratulations !! Let’s discover together why and how Amélie has chosen to cook, eat and live gluten free.

here she comes Amelie from the gluten free blog equilibre et saveurs

Chiara: Why gluten free?

Amélie: During all my childhood, I had miserable cramps after every meal I ate. It was terrible and there was no doctor who was able to help me; nobody could understand why. Two years ago I started to learn about nutrition by myself and I found interesting articles about eating gluten free. Even if my symptoms were not “clearly” those stated in those articles, I decided to try the gluten free diet for a while. I told myself that I had nothing to loose after all. Well, my life has completely changed since then and I am no longer sick! I am so happy now.

Chiara : What is “Equilibre et Saveurs”?

Amélie : When I went on a gluten free diet, I think I had the same feeling many people in my situation have…And now… what am I going to eat ??!! At first I thought …Well, nothing! I felt lost. I started to research on the web. At the time the gluten free blogs were quite rare. So I took the situation in my own hands and I started to develop my own recipes. That has soon become a passion. My boyfriend suggested I could make a blog out of it and I found this idea great!

“Equilibre et Saveurs”, the name of my blog, is a way of sharing my gluten free, lactose free recipes, of expressing myself through what I cook everyday. My objective is also to help people who are gluten intolerant. I would like to show them that eating gluten free can be easy, healthy, and full of taste! It is actually a way to discover new textures and flavours.

Chiara : Gluten free is …

Amélie : The future!

Today a lot of people see gluten free as a “fashionable” diet. But it is not like that. For many people it is a disease – the celiac disease – and they have no choice. I think that people in general have to be more open-minded about it and accept the fact that you can eat differently and still enjoy what you eat. The path is still long but we are going to make it easier!

Chiara : What is the gluten free food that you liked the most …

Amélie : The gluten free that I loved the most was a vegan wrap made of spirulina, stuffed with vegetables, that I ate during the holidays I spent with my BFF in Vienna some time ago. We discovered this vegan restaurant specialised in super foods by chance, we loved it so much that we went back there two days in a row.

Chiara : What is your next challenge ?

Amélie : I have just made one of my dreams come true : I have finished my first ebook titled «50 vegetarian sweet recipes, all gluten free and dairy free». It’s been a real challenge that required 4 months of full time immersion. In the end I loved all the process: I did enjoy creating recipes and cooking food afterwards. I made it with love and I hope that it will show. I have been working hard at each recipe and my family and friends have been tasting them, taking this job very seriously and with much care.

a fantastic gluten free recipes ebook

Equilibre et Saveurs 
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