I met Fanny Mijon in the first place via the social media, as it often the case today in this hyper connected reality we live in.

Fanny has a beautiful recipes blog – both vegan and gluten free – called The Friendly Kitchen.

I am in admiration of everything she does. I also adore her two bunnies, Lupin and Marni, they are SO cute!

I then met Fanny again but in person this time, while she was working at Comptoir Veggie in Paris (now she works for VG pâtisserie).

And then it was pure happiness for me! I could finally taste her veggie bowls and cakes I was longing for from afar and they were so good!

Fanny is a self-taught chef and pastry chef, specialised in vegan and gluten free foods, she has an amazing talent, a sparkling creativity and she is also humble.

It came all natural for me to want to feature Fanny and her work on my blog.

gluten free and vegan naked cake so delicious
gluten free naked cake

So this week I animated a photo shoot for her and on the occasion, Fanny made a beautiful, chocolate naked cake, with coconut chantilly and raspberry jam, all vegan and gluten free.

Believe me when I say that combining gluten free and vegan in the same cake recipe, it can be a real challenge but Fanny succeeded at it beautifully!

The cake was delicious: perfectly soft and moist.

And the good news is, if you own a restaurant or coffee shop in Paris and would like to propose more gluten free and vegan options on your menu, Fanny works also as a consultant; you can email her via her website.

How to end up this wonderful experience?

Well, just saying that today, happiness for me is also working around a table, with people I love and admire.

gluten free and vegan naked cake so good
gluten free and vegan chocolate naked cake so delicious
gluten free and vegan chocolate naked cake so yummy

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