Italy Gluten free Food Tour with Niepi: Milan


GluFree is a gluten free bakery that opened in Milan in 2014. In barely two years, it has become “the” place to go in town if you are looking for great tasting fresh gluten free bread, croissants (that are also lactose free), brioches, muffin, pizza, focaccia and so much more.

Today I come back there with Frédérique from Niepi magazine on the occasion of the Italy gluten free food tour that I organised for her.

Daniele, owner and founder of GluFree, is waiting for us for some chit-chat, and a typical Italian breakfast: espresso and croissant, gluten free of course!

gluten free breakfast with croissant at glu free bakery in milan
delicious gluten free brioche at glu free in milan
gluten free coconut cookies at glu free in milan
Italian gluten free breakfast at glu free in milan

Daniele is Sicilian and so his wife, she is celiac and she is also the reason why he started cooking gluten free food in the first place: for Love.

In Sicily Daniele’s family used to make fresh bread on Sundays. It was like this for his grandfather and so for his father. Daniele learnt the skills of making and baking fresh bread when he was very young. Because of and thanks to his wife’s celiac disease, he started to learn how to make gluten free bread for her. After a few attempts, he realised he was actually talented at this as his bread was tasting better than those you would buy in local stores. The idea of a gluten free bakery started to blossom in his mind.

After some professional training in a restaurant in London, Daniele moved to Milan and it’s in this city that he decided to open GluFree.

GluFree is meant to be a chain of gluten free bakeries where you can buy and eat a wide range of fresh gluten free foods.

Frédérique and I tasted several things and we sincerely loved everything. The carrot muffin that is also lactose free was so soft and moist, one of the best muffins of my life. The croissant was very tasty. The bread crunchy and light. The pizza with tomato sauce basically scrumptious. I did love also the biscuits that are perfect for an afternoon tea.

Then there are the arancina! The famous rice balls that are stuffed at heart and then fried. They are typical of Sicily and Daniele’s very favourite gluten free food, as he tells us before he leaves for a couple of minutes to prepare freshly squeezed fruit juices for some clients.

gluten free pizza called parigina at glu free bakery in milan
yummy gluten free arancina at glu free bakery in milan
gluten free muffin with pistachio at glu free bakery in milan
gluten free pizza marinara at glu free bakery in milan

Not to forget that at GluFree bakery there are also and always available delicious gluten free pastries to spoil everybody! Larger cakes are available too and you can order them on demand for special events.

gluten free chocolate pastries at glu free in milan
gluten free choux at glu free in milan
gluten free pastries at glu free in milan

For lunch gluten free panini arrive,  and several are also vegan like the one in my picture.

I couldn’t be happier about this experience at GluFree.

A big thank you to Daniele, for his generosity and kindness, and to the GluFree girls !!

These girls are great: lovely and welcoming, they help making GluFree the great place that it is.

Ciao Daniele! Ciao Ragazze! Hope to be back soon!

gluten free vegan panini at glu free bakery
the glu free girls at glu free bakery in milan
glu free gluten free bakery milan italy

GluFree Bakery

Viale Gian Galeazzo 6 (XXIV Maggio)
Via Curtatone 6
Tel. +39 02 540 19 723


Opening hours

Viale Gian Galeazzo:
8 am  – 7.30 pm
Via Curtatone:
Tue – Fri
9.30 am – 3 pm
4.30 – 7.30 pm
9.30 am – 3 pm
4 – 7 pm
Closed on Sunday




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