Gli Aironi – Biscotti da favola

There are stories that are beautiful because they start in the most spontaneous way. That was the case for me and Gli Aironi, a family run business in the Grange region, near Vercelli in Italy. Gil Aironi was founded by the Perinotti family and today Michele Perinotti continues this adventure along with Gabriele Conte and a team of people passionate about one small grain: rice! As you know rice is naturally gluten free and has such a big potential. Gli Aironi has developed a whole range of fantastic products with it: from the best varieties of rice (Vialone Nano, Carnaroli, Venere…), to ready-to-cook risotto and organic biscuits.  I loved their product so much that I set on a trip to get to the Grange region to meet them in person. Michele and Gabriele welcomed me in in the most friendly way: they were and are generous, warm, smart and fun to spend time with. They made me discover their company and the latest gluten free organic biscuits range they have launched in partnership with Eataly, called “Biscotti da favola” aka “Fairy tale biscuits”.

The “Biscotti da favola” are not all gluten free, the ones I tasted are chocolate+cinnamon, and rice+candied orange. I loved both of them even if I do admit I have a thing for chocolate :). Their shape is that of a grain of rice and their ingredients are simple and genuine: only rice flour, butter, eggs, sugar and spices, no margarine, artificial colourings or chemical additives.

In France you can find some of gli Aironi products on sale on line on Ciao Gusto or at La Maison Plisson in Paris. In Italy  you can find them at Eataly which has a store in all the main cities. Hope you will enjoy these great products as much as I did.

pS Ceramics by my friend and artist Eiko Maekawa on sale at Colette in Paris.

Gli Aironi 


You can find Gli Aironi products on sale at:

Ciao Gusto

La Maison Plisson 








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