Eat healthy and gluten free in Rome

I know that when it comes down to Italy most people think pasta and pizza and I really can’t blame them because I love both pizza and pasta very much myself!

As per the Italian that I am, I eat them quite regularly.

However, if you go to Rome and you would like to change for a while for more traditional Spaghetti Carbonara, I have a very good address to share with you: Ginger Sapori and Salute Restaurant and Café.

ginger café in rome
ginger café healthy gluten free food in rome

With two locations in the city center, Ginger Café is the perfect place for a healthy organic breakfast with açai bowls, green bowls, freshly pressed juices, smoothies that are incredibly good.

The recipes are carefully studied to bring us all that we need in terms of precious health benefits.

I did love my avocado, aloe vera and mango smoothie, so creamy and so good.

Everything is not gluten free so traces of gluten are possible.

Nonetheless the staff at Ginger Café is aware of it and they can help you out to make a “safe” choice from the extensive menu.

They also have gluten free thins that can replace bread with gluten.

If you are in the mood for lunch, then the salads are a must!

So many options to choose from, so beautiful and so colourful. I did like my salad with salmon, avocado and pistachio. I also tasted the hot soup another day and it was delicious as well.

The restaurant is also a quite place to spend a moment in full calm and relax: it’s bright, very clean, with beautiful fruit all around.

It definitely makes a nice change 😉

ginger café gluten free salad in rome
ginger café avocado juice

Ginger Sapori et Salute Café

Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 54-55
Via Borgognona 43-46
Rome – Italy 
Tel: +39 06.960.363.90



Opening hours

from 8 am (S.Eustachio)
from 10 am (Borgognona)
till 12 pm





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