Generous gluten free cookies

When I saw Generous cookies for the first time, I got a smile on my face looking at the cutie, funny and adorable characters that stand on the packaging.

When I ate Generous cookies for the first time, I got yet another smile on my face as they are incredibly good!

Sylvain Speculoos soon became one of my best friends and as you can see from my picture below, he is with me quite often…

Generous brand was born from a passion for generous flavours and from the desire to create gluten free products that could be so good that everybody would love to eat them.

All the ingredients are organic and the recipes are inspired by the finest Belgian baking tradition.

The lady below, Charlotte, keeps tempting me all the time with her yummy gluten free chocolate cookies…!

At Generous baking gluten free is therefore no more an obstacle but an inspiration to always look for new recipes and new flavours such as buckwheat, millet and tapioca.

I haven’t tasted all the cookies from their range yet but I am planning to befriend them soon and I’ll bet it will be a long lasting relationship :)!




You can buy Generous in many countries around the world.
Have a look at their store locator:

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