Le bûche de Noël: the original gluten free cake of Gaté sans gluten

Christmas is approaching and all the pastry shops here in Paris are preparing a typical cake called “la bûche”, each of them experimenting flavours and textures, in a symphony of classic and new.

At Gaté sans gluten, the newly opened gluten free pastry shop, the talented chef Sébastien Lenglet has let his know-how and fantasy go and here I am very happy to introduce you his favourite bûches!

The très-d’union of this collection is the “fleur de sel”.

You can order the big size (suitable for 5/6 people) or, starting from tomorrow, you can taste the small individual size directly at Gaté. This sounds like a plan :)!

Les bûches de Noël: fleur de sel gluten free

Number 1 favourite of the chef is la bûche called ONDE 2 CHOC:

Sablé breton au chocolat, mousse légère au chocolat au noir, chantilly au chocolat au lait, fines feuilles de chocolat noir craquantes à la fleur de sel de Guérande.

And here in English: Breton shortbread biscuit, delicate dark chocolate mousse, milk chocolate chantilly, crunchy and dark chocolate thins with “fleur de sel” from Guérande.

bûche called ONDE 2 CHOC - gluten free

In the 2nd position a very special bûche! Sébastien decided to use the choux pastry to create something unique called PINK’CHOU.

This special lady in French sounds like this: pâte à choux avec craquelin et noix de cajou grillées salées, crème de pamplemousse et pamplemousse confit, mousse légère au chocolat blanc et fines feuilles de chocolat blanc craquantes à la fleur de sel aux zestes de pamplemousse.

And in English she goes like that: choux with craquelin and grilled salty cashew, grapefruit cream with candied grapefruit, light white chocolate mousse, and crunchy white chocolate thins with “fleur de sel” and grapefruit zest.

Elle a un charme fou…!

PINK CHOU: a very special gluten free bûche
a very special gluten free bûche

And then comes CARA, and she means business!

Biscuit moelleux aux Amandes et à la vanille de Madagascar. Croustillant praliné amandes caramélisées. Crémeux caramel au beurre salé. Mousse légère à la vanille de Madagascar.

That would be: Soft almond biscuit with vanilla from Madagascar. Crunchy praliné with candied almonds. Creamy salted butter caramel. Light mousse with vanilla from Madagascar.

Cara…I want you….!

CARA: special gluten free bûche
CARA: special gluten free bûche

Last but not least, as Sébastien is dad to all of them after all ;), we can enjoy ABYSSINIE:

Biscuit moelleux aux amandes, crémeux à la vanille du Mexique, mousse légère au chocolat au lait infusée au café bio d’Ethiopie, streuzel croustillant praliné/café et fleur de sel Camargue.

That would be: soft almond biscuit, cream with vanilla from Mexico, light milk chocolate mousse infused with organic coffee from Ethiopia, crunchy streuzel with praliné/coffee and “fleur de sel” from Camargue.

Shall I say what a fantastic journey in between flavours, colours, textures, faraway places, local specialties and savoir-fare…that is Gaté and much more.

To discover as soon as we can because, as Sébastien tells me, there are many surprises waiting for us gourmands!

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ABYSSINIE: special gluten free bûche

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