Gaiangos is a gluten free bakery in the Soccavo neighborhood in Naples. Two years ago, Genny and Cristina opened it with the desire to create gluten free food that was as tasty as its gluten counterpart.

Gaiangos offers a wide variety of gluten free cakes, tarts, brioches, most of them belonging to the Neapolitan pastry tradition like the famous “biscotto all’amarena” stuffed with chocolate or the “pasticcetto alla crema”, furred with vanilla cream and black cherries.

I tasted both of them and was happy to go back to some dear childhood memories when my grandparents used to bake them for the whole family.

Another thing that both Genny and Cristina are very proud of is the gluten free bread. After many attempts they got very good results. I ate a gluten free “rosetta” bread, it was fresh, it was light, it was crunchy, basically… it was fantastic!

I also had a small pizza with mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. Its tiny size makes it perfect an aperitivo or a snack.

On Sunday, they tell me, they bake the gluten free baguette – highly appreciated by their customers – and many more pastries are available at the bakery. By the way they do also catering and special cakes can be ordered in advance like the well-know “Cassata Siciliana” or the “Pastiera Napoletana”, all gluten free.

Before leaving I took with me another typical Italian specialty: the gluten free “fresella”. The “fresella” is made of bread dough but it is cooked differently. The one by Gaingos was particularly crunchy and tasty. I loved eating it at home with cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of fresh basil.


Via Risorgimento, 70
80126 Napoli
Tel. +39 081 241 2191


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