Delicious gluten free vegan cookies!

Today I am happy to present you Freely a new organic, gluten free, vegan brand specialised in super chewy, super yummy cookies!

Who doesn’t love a cookie, say hi…!

Cookies are so good!

Would you like to know which one is my favourite?!? Well, without any doubt, the chocolate chips. I can go literally crazy for one of them…!

freely gluten free vegan cookies

Imagine how happy I was when I discovered this brand at the last Veggie World in Paris.

During this fair I got the chance to exchange with Marcel, co-founder of Freely along with Léa. Marcel met Léa at the university in Switzerland: he was intolerant to gluten and lactose; she was vegan; they both had a sweet tooth and they didn’t want to give up on pleasure…

Little by little, they came up with the idea to create a brand of gluten free, vegan cookies that were so good, they could please everyone!

I have to say that these cookies are so yummy – chewy, full of taste – they feel like a cuddle every time I eat one.

During my work as a food blogger, I do enjoy to get to know young brands, meet the founders and support them: Freely is a beautiful project and they make an excellent product with good organic ingredients – well, more than enough … to get me 😉

freely delicious gluten free vegan cookies





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