Frederic Blondeel Maitre Chocolatier

Yesterday I discovered another Belgian “Maitre Chocolatier”, Frédéric Blondeel, who makes delicious chocolates.

Frederic Blondeel motto is “From bean to bar”: from the phase of selection of the best cocoa beans, deep in the tropical plantations, right up to the end product: intensely powerful bars and miniature bars, pralines as elegant as jewels (I can say it is so true ;), ganaches (as I was told, the house specialty), couvertures (to try !!), powders, and spreads.

Among the chocolates I tasted, I loved + loved + loved the caramel and passion fruit pralines (the yellow ones in my picture): when I ate one, what an explosion of passion fruit in my mouth, as powerful as I was eating the real fruit! That was a moment of pure joy to me 🙂

After I also liked the ganache with dark chocolate + laurel and the truffles, I love truffles so much. I had one with coconut, delicious ! Crunchy outside and so soft inside, with a long lasting chocolate flavour, oh my!

At Frederic Blondeel, they tell me that as we know chocolate is naturally gluten free but at the atelier they also handle gluten so there might be small traces of gluten in their products.

I am celiac, I ate his chocolate and had no problems. But please be wise, it’s up to you to choose and nobody knows your body better than yourself 🙂

Hope, if you go, that you will have such a nice experience as I did.

Frederic Blondeel

Quai aux Briques 24,
1000 Bruxelles
Tel. +32 (0)2 502 21 31


Opening hours

Mon-Fri and Sun
12pm – 6.45pm
Sat 10.30am – 6.45pm




cappello_cuoco_conscritta2 cut


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