Foucade is the newly opened gluten free pastry shop in Paris 1st arrondissent. For the Italian that I am and look at it from the “outside” – even though I have been living here for almost three years now – it is elegant, pure French chic and also welcoming.

I went there on a Saturday with Alma Rota, journalist, blogger of C-sans gluten and dear friend. Alma and I are both big “gourmand” and we were happy to spend some sweet, quality time at Foucade.

We met with Marjorie Fourcade who opened Foucade last October and created a new concept of “patisserie positive” – positive pastry – proposing pastries that are both tasty and healthy.

All the gluten free and lactose free cakes, tarts, cookies and granola are organic, made with the best ingredients searched by Marjorie all over the world: there are whole flours, raw super foods, spices, rapeseed oil, lots of fresh fruit, little sugar and fat, and no chemical additives whatsoever!

To me, eating one of Foucade pastries is like biting into a fruit, the real one! Try la Citronnée, the tart with lemon and basil, or la Fruitée with mango seasoned with coriander and a sprinkle of crumble on top. So fresh and tasty. My very favourite ?? Mmmmm, l’Opérette! A triumph of raw dark chocolate that comes in different textures. Divine!

Marjorie tells us that she is now prosing also breakfast, brunch with pancakes on Saturdays and savoury pastries for lunch… can’t wait to try these too!


Foucade Marais
61, rue de Bretagne
Foucade Batignolles
24, rue des Moines


Opening hours

Mon – Fri
9 am – 7.30 pm
Saturday 11 am – 8 pm
Closed on Sunday








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