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Yesterday it was my birthday, so happy to celebrate it in Sevilla with my best friend Rocco. Together we had lunch at Fargo, an organic restaurant run by Yann, a rugby player and food lover, who moved with his family from France to Spain.

On the menu there are several options that are gluten free: Yann explains me that there is a raising demand about gluten free food in Sevilla and he wanted to respond to that, starting by paying attention to all those ingredients that are naturally free of gluten and learn how to combine them on a dish.

Both Rocco and I were amazed about the results !

Yann offered us a fresh soup with peas, mint and sesame seeds.

Then we had an amazing “lasagna” made of vegetables with melted cheese and a garlic sauce – it was delicious.

We also loved the chickpeas humous with sesame seeds, curcuma, curry, that came with Yann’s eggplant thins baked the “croissant” way.

Yann is French so there are touches of French cuisine and savoir-faire here and there. The eggplant thins were so good ! Yann shared his secret with us 😉 I invite you to go and taste them – they are really something !!

We also loved the fresh sea bass salad with toasted corn – the fish was marinated with lemon, lime, red onions, coriander.

Yann told me that he comes from South of France, in the Médoc region, and in his family men are entitled to take care of the kitchen: this was where he learnt, from his father and uncle. Cooking was considerate a “manly” thing. What a nice change from where I come from, in the South of Italy 😉

Today Yann works closely with his cooks: the only mantra in his kitchen, cook the food they love, that makes them happy.

Fargo is also specialised in freshly squeezed juices: we had a beetroot, celery and apple one that was very good.

The only thing about restaurants like these is that they make you want to try all the menu !!

My friend Rocco told me that he will go there again and report back to us 🙂


Calle Pérez Galdós, 20
41004 Sevilla
Tel. +34 955 27 65 52


Opening hours

Mon – Thu
8 – 11.30 pm
Fri – Sun
12.30 am – 4 pm
8 – 11.30 pm



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