New Deli with gluten free options!

Today I am particularly happy to tell you about the newly opened Echo Deli & Coffee, a beautiful coffee shop and restaurant with gluten free and dairy free options created by French entrepreneur Matthias Gloppe.

Why am I “particularly” happy to tell you about it?

Well, first thing fist… Food!

It’s delicious, beautifully presented and completely different from what other places are offering in the city today.

Matthias tells me that he managed to persuade talented American chef Mailea Weger (ex- Gjelina  and  Gjusta restaurants ) to move from Los Angeles to Paris to follow him on this adventure.

His idea was to create a place which proposes healthy food but gourmet, nothing plain or too ordinary, everything has to be tasty, “gourmand” as they beautifully say it in French, with a modern feel and an international vibe.

echo deli with gluten free options
echo deli gluten free breakfast
echo deli gluten free granola

I already went to Echo Deli twice this week: I went there for breakfast and for lunch.

I tasted the gluten free granola made with vanilla and tahini, served on yoghurt divinely infused with rose petals, the porridge came with brown rice, topped with caramelised pears and grapefruit, and some savoury dishes… they were all gluten free, and all so good!

I could NOT leave without complimenting the chef as well as Matthias.

Second reason second why I am that happy to tell you about Echo Deli is that they state it clearly on the menu that they have gluten free and dairy free options available every day.

This is SO great to create room at the table for basically everyone – despite our food intolerances or choices – and make it SO delicious that it is good for everyone!

That’s an example that all coffee shops and restaurants in Paris should adopt in my opinion!


As a celiac and as someone who is involved in gluten free projects like baking gluten free bread with my partner L’Atelier des Lilas, I know what it feels like to be out there when you have food issues, this is why I am so glad to find new places like this.

Last thing last…now I have to taste their gluten free pancakes that look absolutely divine!

pS to finish this post, a little drawing of mine here, at the bottom of the page…it’s raining so much in Paris lately that…well, let’s not leave our “own” sunshine home when we go out 😉

echo deli paris avec options sans gluten
echo deli menu with gluten free options
echo deli delicious eggs
echo deli gluten free food and coffee

Echo Deli & Coffee

95 rue d’Aboukir
75002 Paris 



Opening hours

Wed – Fri
9 am – 2.45 pm
Sat – Sun
10 am – 3.45 pm
Closed on Mon and Tue




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