Yesterday I made yet another nice discovery in Berlin: Eat Performance.

Eat Performance is a two venues coffee shop where you can eat, drink, snack and shop. It opened one year ago in Berlin and it is focused on natural, healthy eating and living.

All of its products are handmade, many are Paleo, and they are all organic, free from gluten, lactose, processed sugar, additives and preservatives. Their packagings are free of BPA.

I chose to visit the one in Kreuzberg that is located inside a beautiful, old warehouse made of bricks – I love this kind of architecture.

I was really pleased to find out that their bread is gluten free, fresh and homemade with delicious chestnut flour 🙂

I had a sandwich with chicken breast, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes. My freshly pressed juice was “Iron Man”: a nice blend of beetroot, celery, fennel, ginger, carrot.

For dessert I opted for a delicious chia pudding topped with nuts and apples. I also tried a paleo vanilla cookie made of fruit and nuts.

I did enjoy my meal !

At Eat Performance, the menu offers many gluten free foods to choose from: from burgers to baked eggs, from pancakes to tarts, muffins, muesli, I can say that there is place for everybody’s tastes and needs.

I loved being inside such a urban, upbeat café. Besides the staff was lovely and welcoming.

If you cannot make it here, Eat Performance has also an on line shop where you can buy their best selling products that are 100% Paleo, gluten free, lactose free, natural and made in Berlin.

Here it is the link:

You can also enjoy the Eat recipes pages or the Eat magazine focused on the Stone Age kitchen and how to enjoy a healthy life with a Stone Age diet!

Eat Performance

Ritterstraße, 26
10969 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 443 26 400








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