Doves Farm ginger cookies

I discovered Doves Farm in London years ago and I am in love with this brand ever since. Their gluten free products range is very good to me. From flours to cookies, from breakfast cereals to snacks, they offer a variety of products that can suit each moment of the day.

I also love the way the company works: all of their products are certified organic and fair-trade. They go through tests so that they are actually safe from any contamination with gluten, milk, soya, peanut and soya.

To me this means that at Doves Farm they really work hard to take care of people’s different food intolerances and do their best to make products that can bee free of some ingredient but not of taste!

In Paris where I currently live I bought them at La Maison du Sans gluten shop.

Last Sunday I tasted Doves Farm gluten free ginger cookies – I have already said it, I guess, but I do have a thing for ginger…! –  they are crunchy, tasty, you can feel the real stem ginger inside and I loved them with my morning green tea.

I also ate the gluten free flapjacks with apricot & chia seeds and apple & sultanas: they taste very natural, baked with wholegrain oats and sweetened with agave nectar.

So handy to have them in my bag ! That’s all the beauty of a snack 😉

My future plan, mummhh, taste their breakfast cereals: love the packaging restyling !!

Doves Farm 



In London I bought the brand at:
Whole Foods Market
63-97 Kensington High Street
The Barkers Building



In Paris I bought the brand at:
 La Maison du Sans Gluten
12, rue de Hauteville
75010 Paris









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