Looking for great tasting gluten free bread in Turin? Then Doussalà bakery is the place for you!


During one of my trips to Turin, Elisa, our nutritionist at Baci di Dama, told me about a new gluten free bakery that had just opened in town: Doussalà.

In the Piemontese dialect Doussalà means sweet + savoury.

I love how this name sounds to me: it’s like a bell or a call. Actually to me it was call for gluten free bread… saying out loud… go there immediately!! I couldn’t be happier to do it.

The day after I gave Doussalà a call to check on the opening hours and talked to Daniela, owner and co-founder along with her boyfriend Marco.

Daniela welcomed me in the most friendly possible way and I felt privileged and lucky to sneak a pick at Daniela’s art of gluten free baking which includes incredibly good, fresh bread, focaccia, pizza, biscuits, brioches, tarts and so much more.

Daniela’s bread is really good: crunchy outside, soft inside.

The white one is made with rice sourdough while the whole grain bread is made with buckwheat and lentils flours, it has delicious sunflower and flax seeds inside, oh my… it’s so tasty!

I loved also the focaccia, with crystals of salt sprinkled on top or with tomato sauce and oregano, the so-called Italian “marinara”.

Being celiac like myself, Daniela and I share the same dream: spread the news out and loud that gluten free food can be good and enjoyable for everyone.

Food is an experience that involves taste, pleasure but also sharing.

This is why Daniela works hard everyday on making the best possible gluten free food and she’s constantly studying and improving her already impressive skills.

At the moment Daniela’s best selling and most demanded gluten free dessert is this delicious round-shaped tart (see below) with fresh apples, cinnamon and lemon jam.

Her typical “melighe” biscuits, made exclusively of corn flour, are delicious, as well as the savoury cookies she makes with turmeric or tomato sauce. They  are just perfect for an aperitivo, a glass of wine and a couple of friends!

I did have a great time at Doussalà and look forward to being back soon.

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Pastepartout is in Rivoli, close to Turin


via Bonafous 7/E
10123 Turin, Italy
Tel. 0039 0118124220






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