De Noordzee Street Food

Yesterday I was walking in the streets of Brussels city center and ended up in the beautiful Sainte Catherine square and what a pleasant surprise! I discovered De Noordzee, delicious gourmet street food specialised in fresh seafood with several gluten free options to enjoy.

The daily arrival of fresh fish passes through the skilled hands of the fishmongers who keep a vigilant eye on the freshness, quality and provenance. Everything is prepared on the spot and you can eat it at the fishbar or at the outside counter as I did it.

I went for the mussels, a speciality here, and it’s also the season as they tell me at Noordzee. Mine came with herbs, pepper and a sprinkle of white wine, delicious!

I had a fantastic fish soup with tomatoes and also, something that I had never eaten before: razor shell!

They are quite common where I come from in the South of Italy but life decided that my first time would be in Brussels and, oh my, they were so good!

I loved the nice combination of herbs, pepper and extra virgin olive oil flavoured with garlic.

I also enjoyed the ambience very much: the staff is nice, chatty and friendly.

I am always so curious about food and I love asking questions.

Happy to be there and a little bit sad to leave. Would love to find a Noordzee in every city I go but maybe its magic is also that the fact that it stays in Brussels, in that beautiful square, with that mix of local people, tourists, students, workers that make the whole experience so special and unique.

De Noordzee

Rue Sainte-Catherine 45
1000 Bruxelles
Tel. 0032 (0)2 513 11 92


Opening hours

Tue to Fri
8 am- 6 pm
Sat 8 am- 5 pm
Sun  (only the Fish bar)
11 am – 8 pm
Closed on Mon


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