Dal Presidente

Making one great pizza means mastering an art that most of the times has been taught since the young age, looking at the older ones performing it and getting to know it step by step, with patience and hard work, by feeling the dough, learning a practice and then giving a rhythm. That was the story of chef and pizzaiolo Ernesto Cacialli who made US President Bill Clinton chose his pizza when he came to Naples in 1994, during the G7. Since then, the pizzeria so called “Dal Presidente / of the President” in the historic Via dei Tribunali, the very heart of the city, is sought-after by both neapolitans and tourists. Every time that I look at a master pizzaiolo making a pizza, I am amazed by his talent and completely charmed. That was still the case today.

I went there with my dear friend Valeria from World Wide Valery. We both enjoyed one great margherita with bufala mozzarella. It was delicious!

Today it’s up to master pizzaiolo Antonio Maccarone to perform the “arte bianca” (the white art) at pizzeria Dal Presidente. I did love watching him working: along with his team they work like a clock, each movement is precise and synchronised, fluid and quick. To me making a pizza is a kind of dance with a sprinkle of that typical local charm that along with its fantastic taste makes the pizza in Naples so unique.

Dal Presidente

Via Tribunali, 120
Tel. +39 081 296710


Opening hours

Open daily
10 – 1 am






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