Cuppa is a new coffee shop that just opened its doors in Paris one month ago; it is located in the elegant 7th neighbourhood, in between the Musée d’Orsay and the Assemblée Nationale.

Cuppa is also a dream come true of Sarah Umer, founder of the golden milk brand Pampille Paris, and Denis Léonard, talented photographer and passionate barista.

Sarah and Denis created a place that resonates with them: beautiful, intimate, calm, and openhearted.

On the menu, you will find many gluten free options: avocado toasts, salads, vegan cheese by French brand Jay&Joy, chia pudding, granola, cakes and cookies.

Everything is organic, seasonal and prepared with love.

Anaïs Da Silva of the well-known blog helped Sarah and Denis to create all the recipes.

I know both Sarah and Anaïs, they are dear friends of mine, and what a joy to discover Cuppa with them!

cuppa coffee shop paris
cuppa coffee shop paris detail
cuppa avocado toast gluten free

I did like everything I ate: the avocado toast with beetroot and pepperoni hummus was delicious and so were the chia pudding, the crunchy granola with yuzu and pistachio, and the paleo almond cookie with a heart of creamy cashew butter.

Denis prepared a cappuccino that was just a perfect balance between the creaminess of the milk and the aroma of the coffee.

Pampille golden lattes are available as well and they are so good! I do have a thing for the pistachio flavoured one 😉

Looking around this one-of-a-kind coffee shop, Sarah made me wonder in her own world and I was amazed to discover that the beautiful wooden front window dates back to the XVIII century when The Musée d’Orsay wasn’t even a museum or a train station but a Palais, the beautiful ceramic plates and cups are by Sarah’s friend who created French brand Jardin du Luxembourg, there is an amazing hand-painted wallpaper in the bathroom made especially for Sarah by famous Antoinette Poisson in Paris, fresh flowers are perfectly disposed on each table… it’s like the best of French artisans are gathered here, and it feels so great to get inspired by all of them!

I like to say that Sarah and Denis created a coffee shop with a soul; a place that will welcome you in with a sincere smile, an open heart and innate affection, because they are like that and I like them a lot!

So if you are in Paris for holidays or for living, let’s go for a “cuppa” at Cuppa 🙂

cuppa lovely coffee shop
cuppa coffee gluten free breakfast
cuppa coffee gluten free breakfast with cookies
cuppa antoinette poisson paris


 86 Rue de l’Université
75007 Paris




Opening hours

Mon – Fri
9 am – 5.30 pm
Sat – Sun
10 am – 5 pm
Closed on Monday




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