Today I am very happy to present you my very first cook book «Cuisine Italienne et sans gluten», co-written with my dear Frédérique Barral, co-founder of the beautiful magazine Niepi.

Frédérique and I, we imagined this cook book as a journey in Italian cuisine from North to South, with a stop in the Capital Rome, of course 😉 !

You are going to find a great selection of Italian recipes that have made this cuisine so famous and celebrated all over the world: fresh pasta, tagliatelle, focaccia, pizza, gnocchi, bread, tiramisù, pannacotta but also the renown «mozzarella in carrozza» « la pastiera napoletana» coming straight from my hometown Naples et my dear paleo « caprese » with almonds and chocolate, a recipe invented on the beautiful isle of Capri.

cuisine italienne gluten free cook book
cuisine italienne cook book focaccia

Three years ago I organised a Gluten free Food Tour in Italy for Frédérique and Fabien with the aim to discover, taste and report back to Niepi readers all that delicious food we could find free of gluten

I still remember the moment when Frédérique got the idea of this book: we were in Turin, a city that I deeply love for many reasons, we were sitting outside a lovely restaurant, it was a cosy Summer evening, and we have just finished eating some very good pizza… nothing better to give us the inspiration to make this book happen!

I am so grateful to Frédérique for trusting me and asking me to co-write this book with her and also the Terre Vivante, the publishing house, for giving form to this dream.

I am a strong believer that together we can change things for the better, simply because together, we are stronger…!

This is why I chose to invite some Italian fellow bloggers that I admire to take part in this adventure and share some of their most cherished recipes and voilà, all the best that Italy can offer, free of gluten! Dishes that are generous, full of taste, and conviviality.

To buy the book, you can click here.

I wish to end this post with a big thank you to my very dear and talented Italian bloggers: Vittoria from Manicaretti, Valeria from, Valentina from Traditional different food, Silvia from Eppur non c’è, Elisa from, Roberta from, Simona from, Elisa from Elisa Strona Dietista , Violetta from, Loredana from La MadiaI LOVE you.

cuisine italienne terre vivante
cuisine italienne cook book cakes

And here it comes my very favourite risotto alla milanese recipe!

cuisine italienne terre vivante risotto gluten free
cuisine italienne terre vivante risotto recipe

Cuisine Italienne sans gluten

The first Italian cook book
– all gluten free –
from North to South!
To buy the book
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