I loooooove these gluten free tarts with chocolate and hazelnuts by an Italian brand that I like very much: Cose dell’altro pane.

Cose dell’altro is specialised in fresh bread, pizza, focaccia, tarts, cakes, cookies and so much more.

When I discovered I had celiac disease, I was living in Rome and I was relieved and indeed happy to discover, among all the pharmaceutical gluten free brands that were the market leaders, one that was artisanal, fresh, very tasty and also beautiful to see.

Needless to say that I have become faithful to the brand ever since and whenever I go to Italy I always buy some products.

Here I am having some yummy gluten free small tarts with home-made hazelnuts and cocoa cream for my afternoon break. Love them!

I also like the langue de chat biscuits very much (in Italian “lingue di gatto”), and the muffins, they are incredibly soft!

Cose dell’Altro Pane adventure started in 2003 in an old Benedictine monastery outside the city of Rome that continues to be the place where everything is made and baked fresh everyday.

Cose dell’Altro Pane is the adventures of 14 women, 1 Benedictine nun and 2 man who share work as passion, the research of the best gluten free certified ingredients and, as a loyal customer, I can see also the desire to improve and to look always ahead.

If you go to Italy, this is one brand to try 🙂

Cose dell’altro pane



In Rome I usually buy the brand at:
Roma senza glutine
Viale Trastevere, 237/B
00153 Roma


Via Giulio Venticinque 32/34
00136 Roma


In Venice I buy the brand at:
Mea Libera Tutti!
Calle de la Racchetta 3762/63
30121 Venezia




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