Today we can find gluten free food at Cojean too!

For those of you who live in Paris, you are certainly familiar with Cojean, a healthy, take away, quality food chain that has points of sales scattered everywhere in the city.

One day I was speeding between meetings when I saw one Cojean and decided to make a quick stop there. I was going to buy something to drink and instead I was happily surprised to find several products labeled ‘gluten free’, how great I thought!

That day I couldn’t get deeper into the situation as I had little time, so I decided to go back another day and understand it all better.

gluten free breakfast: hot gluten free porridge at cojean in paris
yummy gluten-free speculos

Today I am actually back at one of the most beautiful Cojean in Paris: the one opposite the Louvre Museum.

Before it used to be a wonderful old-fashioned Parisian café, the one where Carrie in Sex and the City, season 6, spends some time eating delicious French pastries…do you remember it??

Well, I did it too when I didn’t know I had celiac disease…

Anyway, memories apart, I am very happy that today to come back here and enjoy several gluten free foods.

delicious gluten free acai bowl at cojean in paris
delicious gluten free açai bowl

For breakfast I chose a fantastic açai bowl, one of the best ever! I also tried the porridge with coconut milk and blueberries. It was very good too.

Available also gluten free speculoos biscuits and chocolate brownies by the Atelier des Lilas in Paris., along with hot drinks and fresh juices.

For lunch there are other gluten free options.

That day I opted for a superfood salad with organic white and red quinoa, eggplants, tomatoes, red onion, seeds, peas sprouts, hummus of peas and spinach, rocket.

My dessert was a coconut milk mousse with red berries and fresh mint.

I can say that Cojean makes great quality food, everything was fresh, perfectly seasoned and yummy.

It’s great both to take away or just sit and enjoy it there.

The menu changes seasonally, they tell me before I leave, the açai bowl for example is supposed to be available until September but new gluten free foods are coming up and I can’t wait to discover them!

gluten free porridge at cojean
yummy gluten free dessert at cojean
gluten free healthy salad at cojean
great gluten free breakfast at cojean in-paris


3, Place du Louvre
75001 Paris
To find a point of sale closer to you:


Opening hours

Mon – Fri
Depending on the point of sales
8/9/10 am- 4 pm
Sat to Sun
11 am – 4 pm



The kitcken handles ingredients containing gluten=


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