Today I have chosen to tell you about Cinq Sans (literarly Five Without), a French brand that I discovered at the Saaps (the allergy free show) in Paris last May.

Most of all, I want to tell you all about it simply because I liked it!

Cinq Sans was founded by Marie-Pierre Garica in 2015: Marie-Pierre is  a certified nutritionist who, one day, decided to find a solution for many of her patients who were suffering from celiac disease, Chron disease and other health food issues.

Especially because having a disease has not to rhyme with exclusion, deprivation and sadness.

This is the main reason why I started my blog Baci di Dama. Living gluten free, to show that there is still great food that we can eat, that we can enjoy and share with everybody 🙂

cinq sans gluten free granola

Cinq Sans is a range of organic biscuits and granola that are free from all cereals (so no gluten), dairy, eggs, trans fat, and processed sugar.

So here there are the five without!

It is definitely not easy to make a great tasting products when you have to face so many “without” but to me, Marie-Pierre succeeded at her challenge and today she proposes delicious biscuits.

So here there are “my” five good reasons about why you should try them:

-They are good

-They are natural

-They look lovely (and yes, a nice packaging will always capture my attention)

– They are good for you

– Marie-Pierre has created a wonderful project that deserves to be supported

Cinq Sans is distributed more and more all over France but the good news is… we can shop it also on line on the brand website.

To have a look, just click here.

Cinq Sans

To shop the brand on line: 

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