Gluten free Gnocchi 

Gluten free gnocchi are one of my favourite dish to eat since I was little.

These gluten free gnocchi by Italian brand Ciemme Alimentari are also vegan and just fantastic.

I had them for lunch today with homemade pesto and I loved both the consistency and the taste. They are soft, so easy to cook and very good. You just need to put them in boiling water, add a pinch of salt, and when the gluten free gnocchi rise to the surface, they are nice & ready!

I am happy to represent the brand here in France where I live and help them being known and get distributed.

With Baci di Dama, one of my objectives is to show that gluten free can be good for everybody and with brands like Ciemme, it really shows.

If you would like to know my pesto recipe, it’s here.

Here it is Ciemme gluten free gnocchi range.

And here there are also the organic gluten free gnocchi: all natural, all good!

Ciemme Gnocchi



Distribution in France

If you would like to have the brand distributed at your point of sales
please email me at
In Paris they are on sale at:
39, rue du Cherche Midi
75006 Paris
Tel 01 45 48 41 24







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