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This week I decided I was ready to try a new food concept in Paris: Chasseurs Cueilleurs, literarily to me it would be the hunt & the crop.

Chasseurs Cueilleurs is specialized in gluten free and paleo cuisine that is delivered at certain strategic spots in the city and once a week there is a food truck you can spot in Paris 10th arrondissement.

So the “rendez-vous” is on Chasseurs Cueilleurs website first where you can choose your food, make your order the day before and pick it up the day after.

I went for a chicken wok with vegetables, cashew, broccoli and spiced rice.

My dessert a chocolate mousse, mmm… ready to go!

The day after I went and got a bit disappointed…

First of all I did receive a receipt + invoice for my payment but I did not receive an email to sum up my order with the name + the address of the place I have chosen to pick up my meal and, most of all, the hours when I could show up and pick it up. I had to make a phone call to know which is ok but it would have been perfect to get this information in a heart-click.

Once I got home, I warmed up my paleo gluten free meal but my chicken wok wasn’t that tasty to me.

All the ingredients were kind of separated from each other, there wasn’t any sauce to savor them a little, no olive oil, no nothing…

And I did not have cashew but almonds. I love almonds, this is not it, the problem to me was that the almonds were just “there”, not mingled with the rest of the food.

The chocolate mousse was very good instead and I did enjoy it.

Chasseur Cueilleurs has just started and I am sure that they will go on improving their customer care service and their meals.

Because I am celiac, I am always grateful that I can find food that I can eat, but I know I will be much happier when I will be able to fully and thoroughly appreciate it.

Chasseurs Cueilleurs 
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