Every time I go the this lovely artisanal bakery in Paris, Chambelland, dedicated exclusively to gluten free, I take the rue Oberkampf and I can’t but remember the words of Jean Genet when he describes this street in the book “L’atelier d’Alberto Giacometti” : “Giacometti et moi – et quelques Parisiens sans doute – nous savons qu’il existe à Paris, où elle a sa demure, une personne d’une grande élégance, fine, haute, à pic, singulière et grise – d’un gris très tendre – c’est la rue Oberkampf, qui, désinvolte, change de nom et s’appelle plus haut la rue de Ménilmontant. Belle comme une aiguille, elle monte jusqu’au ciel. (…)” * I let you discover how it goes if you read the book, it is completely worth it.

…As it is completely worth it walking into this bakery and pastry shop and splurge in a wide choice of gluten free fresh bread, focaccia, tarts, cakes, cookies, brownies, muffins, they are all delicious. As a regular customer, I have tested almost all of them, so I can tell 😉

Chambelland is the story of Thomas and Nathaniel who after years researching and studying gluten free, ended up owning a mill in the South of France where they produce 100% organic naturally gluten free flours and this beautiful bakery in Paris where they use their flours to bake their fantastic products.

At lunch they serve special menus and if you have time to spend in the bakery and eat there, it is one of those places that welcomes you in, the people working there are friendly and professional, the atmosphere is cosy and calm, you can relax, you can read, you can work.

I tasted the formula with the vegetarian focaccia + salad, “citronnade” aka lemon juice, and apple muffin… everything is fresh, the focaccia is soft and crunchy, as an Italian it is one of my favorite food to eat.

During summer,  I chose salad, fresh bread with 5 seeds, carrot juice and the “Marquise de Popincourt” tart…mmmh, my favorite!

And in winter, as Paris is very cold, what’s better than a creamy pumpkin soup.

Here it is a close-up to the divine marquise as this gluten free tart with lemon custard and meringue is just one of my favourite dessert!

And if you are in Paris or anywhere around, don’t forget  the book 😉


rue Ternaux, 14
75011 Paris


Opening hours

Tue –  Sun
9 am – 8 pm
Closed on Monday







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