Delicious gluten free bread!

It’s been time since my dear friend Valentina has been telling me about Celikatessen, an artisanal, organic bakery in Madrid that makes delicious gluten free bread.

A month ago I was in Madrid to visit my friend Valentina (by the way Valentina collaborates with me on my blog and she is our beloved Italian chef who shares with us incredibly good, incredibly easy fresh pasta recipes) and to discover what this city was offering, gluten free food-wise speaking.

Days before my trip, Valentina proposed that we took a class at Celikatessen on Saturday and learn how to bake its amazing gluten free bread.

As I bake myself bread with my partner L’Atelier des Lilas in Paris, that was a wonderful occasion to learn new baking techniques!

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celikatessen gluten free bread in madrid
celikatessen gluten free bread with valentina

At Celikatessen, niched inside the picturesque covered market called Pacifico, we met with Sergio the baker, owner and founder of this famous Spanish bakery.

Besides being charming, and kind, Sergio is a self-taught baker who is very talented.

I took a real pleasure in following him (thanks to my dear Valentina for all the translations!!) explaining his passion for bread making and teaching us how to make one.

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celikatessen glutenfree bread class
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celikatessen gluten free bread workshop
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During the class we made also several bread tastings and we also ate some desserts, that were gluten free and lactose free as Sergio intolerant to both.

At the end of the class, we met with Elena, his beautiful and lovely girlfriend, who often helps Sergio at the bakery.

This class was such a memorable experience for me!

How wonderful that is to share passion, know-how and great food!

Sergio bakes some of the most delicious gluten free bread that I have ever tasted; I do recommend you stop at his bakery when in Madrid, you will see, it’s so worth the trip!

celikatessen sergio
celikatessen sergio bread making
celikatessen bread rising twice
celikatessen delicious gluten free bread


Pacific market
Calle de Valderribas, 30
28007 Madrid



Opening hours

Tue – Fri
11 am – 2 pm
5 – 8 pm
11 am – 2 pm
Closed on Sun and Mon






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