Gluten free sugar free vegan and organic….

One word…Amazing !!!!

Celicioso is a healthy food oriented bakery and coffee shop chain made in Madrid that is specialised in 100% gluten free food with raw, vegan options, and yes, it’s absolutely amazing!

In my life of Food blogger and gluten free Foodie (two years and half from now), I have been to and tasted many different places around the world, but the choice of food here is merely incredible!

I have never « ever » seen so much gluten free food – that is SO delicious by the way – available all at once and all in one place!

celicioso gluten free restaurant in madrid
celicioso gluten free pastries
celicioso raw sugar and lactose-free cakes
celicioso restaurant madrid

From the famous Spanish «tostada» aka toasts (my fave) made with Celicioso artisanal gluten free bread, and where you can add the toppings of your choice, from several nuts butter to fruit and superfoods, from eggs benedict and avocado toasts, from salads, poke bowls, sandwiches, burgers, raw lasagne, pasta, pancakes and cupcakes (many are also vegan), to smoothies and açai bowls, plus an amazing selection of beautiful raw cakes, all sugar free and incredibly yummy!

As for the drinks, there are several cold pressed juices available and all the lattes can be prepared with plant milks…coconut, almond, soy…you name it, you have it.

I personally enjoyed a delicious beetroot+açai latte with almond milk – perfect and sugar free!

My toastada and açais bowl were SO delicious, I am dreaming about them just writing this post…

Celicioso is a project that I do admire because it shows one more time that gluten free food, when it is that tasty and beautifully presented, is actually a good and valid alternative to wheat for everyone… us celiacs included ;)!

celicioso gluten free breakfast
celicioso gluten free fruit toast
celicioso vegan gluten free acai bowl
celicioso stellina coffee


C/ Hortaleza, 3 MADRID
C/ Barquillo, 19 MADRID
Plaza del Callao, 2 Novena Planta MADRID
Camino de la Zarzuela, 23, loc. 2 MADRID
Hotel Puente Romano MARBELLA
Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay, Carrer de Ses Feixes IBIZA



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