Café Marlette

Marlette is the story of two sisters, Margot and Scarlette, who decided to combine their skills and passion for top quality organic flours to create mix for bread and cakes. The brand Marlette was soon born.

Marlette became a café as well situated in the lovely rue des Martyres, not fat from Montmartre. Gluten free food is also on the menu, not many options as I would have loved but everything was fresh and delicious.

My main course was veggie. I started with a cucumber+mint gaspacho and a trio of salads:

_lentils, chickpeas, red onions, pomegranate, persil and rocket/arugula.

_water melon, black olives and feta cheese

_cabbage, carrots,  coriander

I had a lovely compote of mango and apples, with no added sugar. It felt like velvet in my mouth.

I couldn’t leave Marlette without trying their gluten free muffin with blueberries. It was made with one of their gluten free mix: the rapadura/brown sugar cake. I can say it was one of the best gluten free muffin that I have ever tasted. Can’t wait to have a brand new oven to try Marlette  “fondant au chocolat” mix. Why not also the ginger bread with apricots ?!! Well, what can I say, I would have loved to leave with them all!

Café Marlette

51, rue des Martyres
75009 Paris
Tel. +33 (0)1 48 74 89 73


Opening hours

Tue – Fri
8.30 am- 6 pm
Sat – Sun
9.30 am – 6 pm
Closed on Monday



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