Great gluten free lactose free pastries!

I met Mareva for the first time this summer via a mutual friend.

We sat outside, on the terrace of a lovely Parisian café, it was warm, sunny, and we were having drinks while Mareva started telling us about her project of opening up a gluten free, lactose free coffee shop in Paris.

Her energy, her sparkling smile and passion struck me immediately.

Mareva is one special woman and I am so happy today to tell you that she has made her dream come true and she has just opened Café Mareva 10 days ago, in the heart of Paris, close to the beautiful Canal Saint Martin.

cafe mareva gluten free carrot cake
cafe mareva gluten free lactose free brownie

Café Mareva was born from her own desire to make great gluten free, lactose free pastries.

When she discovered she was lactose intolerant years ago, her whole life changed, and it was hard for her to adjust and find great tasting food, especially pastries that, in France, have so much lactose inside…

Mareva is not gluten intolerant but she practises sport on a regular basis, she is a Marathon runner and she does Triathlon as well.

During the years, she noticed that when she didn’t eat gluten, she had more energy and she was more efficient in whatever she did.

So the good news is that at Café Mareva everything is 100% lactose free and gluten free!

Here you can find more coffee shops-oriented must like chocolate chips cookies, carrot cakes, brownies (oh my…so delicious!), but also typical French pastries like the famous Paris-Brest, Choux à la crème, Tarte au citron meringue (lemon custard tart) and more to come.

All the recipes have been concocted by Mareva –who has also got a degree in pastry (CAP) – and her pastry chef.

Everything is artisanal and made fresh everyday.

cafe mareva gluten free lactose free choux
cafe mareva paris brest
cafe mareva gluten free lemon tart

The specialties here are waffles! Mareva’s own recipe.

You can have the sweet ones for breakfast or the savoury ones for lunch.

As I went there early in the morning, I had the sweet waffles made of hazelnuts and topped with fresh fruit, chocolate cream and peanut butter. So good!

Coffee is great too and it comes from the well-known Parisian Brûlerie de Belleville.

I can’t wait to be back and taste also the savoury ones: I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of waffles, and these ones are made of sweet potatoes and topped with guacamole… “ça a l’air bon”, as they say it here 😉

cafe mareva gluten free waffles
cafe mareva gluten free waffles
cafe mareva gluten free lactose free madeleines
cafe mareva paris gluten free and lactose free

Café Mareva

38, rue du Faubourg-du-Temple
75011 Paris
Tél. 01 43 30 64 57



Opening hours

Tue – Friday
8 am – 7 pm
Sat – Sun
10.30 am  – 7 pm
Closed on Monday






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