Café Ginger is a restaurant in Paris specialised in vegan, organic, homemade food with several gluten free options on the menu.

My friends Ann and Chloe from one blog that I love, Veggie Magnifique, have been telling me of Café Ginger for quite a while now.

Too many good reasons for me to go and try it.

I went there one day for lunch, around midday, and the restaurant was quickly full. Very often this is a good sign. The team was nice and welcoming, this is a good sign too. I immediately felt at ease and I was eager to try what’s was up on the menu for the day.

My main gluten free course was a dish made of several foods: lentils, chickpeas, salad, vegetables, whole rice and a gratin of sweet potatoes, kale and shitaké mushrooms.

I found it fresh, perfectly seasoned and good.

At Café Ginger, Céline – the lovely lady in my picture below – explains me that all the desserts are always gluten free – feeling very lucky indeed.

I got tempted by a great, good looking gluten free raw carrot cake, with hazelnuts, almonds, figues, dates.

It was naturally sweetened, crunchy and tasty. I did like it!

My lunch over, I headed for a little walk in the Marais nearby, the sun was on the menu that day too and as it is rare to have it in Paris, when it’s up, I am all for it!

Then if sun is coupled with a nice lunch, that makes my day even brighter.

I can’t but recommend Café Ginger!

Café Ginger

9 Rue Jacques Cœur
75004 Paris
Tel. 01 42 72 43 83


Opening hours

Tue – Sun
12.30 am – 3.30 pm
Fri, Sat, Sun also
7.30 – 10.30 pm
Closed on Monday



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