Today I tell you about a coffee shop in Paris where we can have a delicious gluten free breakfast: Cream in Belville.

One of the things that I love in life is going to a nice coffee shop, take my time, sit down, sip a good cup of coffee or tea and eat some good gluten free pastry that goes with it. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease many years ago, that thing that is basically so simple to do, it became quite difficult, sometimes impossible depending on where I was going. I am grateful that today people are understanding that gluten free can be an alternative way of eating, as good as gluten can be, and coffee shops are offering more and more gluten free pastries and cakes. In Paris today there are some coffee shops that are 100% gluten free and others that have gluten free options on the menu like the Café Cream.

My good friend Alexandra from Veggie on the World, who is passionate for coffee and always looking for the best cup in town, was to first to tell me about Cream and its gluten free cakes I have absolutely to try.

Furthermore at Cream the coffee is roasted by the well-known Brulerie of Belville in Paris, synonymous of quality and professionalism in the art of coffee making.

Cafe Cream

Coffee is actually good: I tried the “noisette” (one shot of coffee with milk) and another day I had the “Cream” aka their famous cappuccino.

Gluten free speaking, muffins and cakes are made fresh everyday at the coffee shop so the options can vary. The day I went I was lucky enough to find the last gluten free raspberry muffin like…it was waiting for me to eat it! Well, I did and it was very good. I do recommend it if you find it.

Another thing that I enjoyed was the gluten free granola, that is also vegan. It is served with yoghurt, fresh fruit and seeds. It was crunchy, perfectly sweetened, generous, perfect!

gluten free breakfast

The coffee shop is small and cosy, I like the graffiti tags here and there. They spice it up a little. Among people from the neighbourhood and tourists I felt at ease immediately. The atmosphere is cool and relaxed and this too is important for me. Feeling welcomed to a new place the very time I step in, it’s important to me as it changes the way I see that place.

In this case I can’t wait to go back now that I know that more and new gluten free cakes are there to be tasted!

gluten free breakfast
cafe cream belville

Café Cream

50 rue de Belleville
75020 Paris
Tel. 09 83 66 58 43








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