Warm cosy and gluten free!

Cafe Berry is the new coffee shop to be in Paris: warm, cosy, with many delicious gluten free and vegan options that we can enjoy!

Niched in Parisian beautiful Marais, Cafe Berry is the ideal place to stop by and stay quite for a little while.

Shirley, the owner and founder, is one of the loveliest person that I have met and she knows how to take good care of her clients.

cafe berry paris
cafe berry gluten free toasts

On the daily menu, there are carrot cake, matcha cake (love it!), chocolate cake, muffin, cookies, savoury quiches, all baked with love and passion by the Atelier des Lilas in Paris, an atelier that is specialised in 100% gluten free artisanal products so there is no risk of cross contamination if you have celiac disease like myself.

And there is another good news to share with you…!

Starting from this week Shirley is proposing the gluten free bread with natural sourdough that I bake with the Atelier des Lilas, so, now, we can also indulge in yummy, healthy toasts!

Lattes are delicious as well: Shirley masters them beautifully. My favourite include the golden latte with turmeric, the matcha latte and lately, the new Iceland latte: c’est trop bon, as they say it here!

So…I see you there 😉

cafe berry paris with gluten free option
cafe berry paris granola
cafe berry gluten free matcha cake

Café Berry

10 rue Chapon
75003 Paris



Opening hours

Tue – Fri
8.30 am – 6 pm
10 am – 5.30 pm
10.30 am – 5 pm
Closed on Monday




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