Brio gluten free bakery

There are people that you don’t meet by chance, actually I don’t believe in mere chance, I think that there is always a reason behind why someone comes in or walks out from our life.

Paolo, Giovanna and I were brought together because we share one common vision and mutual passion for gluten free food that is simply great, and good for everybody!

Together, they have created one unique, beautiful bakery close to the city of Verona, in Italy, a place that is filled with love, care for each detail you happen to spot around, artisanal savoir-faire in the making and baking and of course, tons of delicious gluten free foods all around.

Brio Bakery is specialised in fresh bread that is baked everyday, fresh pasta – I would love to make some with Giovanna one day and learn all about this precious art – and pastries, yummy!

At Brio Bakery the philosophy is: making good food requires time and patience – can’t agree more! – and this is why Paolo and Giovanna have chosen for example to bake bread with sourdough and let it it rise for 24 hours, like bakers used to do it once. And it does not stop to bread, there is also focaccia and pizza!

When Giovanna moved to Bologna to study at the university, she tells me, she and her sisters used to gather around the table when Christmas time kicked in and make fresh pasta with gluten together.

Today she has decided to challenge herself and use her know-how to make fresh pasta that this time is gluten free: her hands “magically” create some fantastic and traditional Italian pasta like stuffed tortellini and tortelloni, lasagne, cannelloni and gnocchi.

What about the gluten free pastries? At Brio bakery, there are enough to please every taste and desire: from cookies to muffins, Italian crostata and cakes, cheesecake, apple pie, biscuits and special cakes for special events: for Christmas Paolo and Giovanna are baking the renown panettone, can’t wait to try this one!

I really recommend this place: it is special.

You can sit, spend all the time you want and there is a delightful, colourful space especially thought for children where they can play.

Soon there will be atelier and workshops with naturopaths and specialists in nutrition who will be invited to animate them and share with customers tips and tricks about how to succeed in eating healthy and gluten free with much fun and taste.

Paolo and Giovanna have created Brio bakery as a home, their home, and when you walk the threshold, it magically becomes, somehow, a little bit yours too.

Brio Bakery

Piazzetta Napoleone 10
San Martino Buon Albergo


Opening hours

Tue – Sat
9 – 12.30 am
3.30 – 7 pm
9 – 12.30 am
Closed on Monday






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