Biosphère Café

I know, I have said it already but it sounds like it is never enough to say how much I love a good, nice, relaxing Sunday brunch…!

I love that moment when you don’t care if you are late or on time, when you don’t have to rush after somewhere else or have a deadline and work left to finish before the end of the day. In a certain way, I can enjoy the food I eat even more when time comes like that.

So today I headed to Biosphère Café in Paris.

Biosphère was one of the first gluten free, organic coffee shop to open in 2010.

At the reins of this lovely place, there is Sylvie who to me looks like a true force of nature.

Sylvie studied hard to become a pastry chef because she wanted to create good organic pastries that she couldn’t find anywhere in Paris. So at the beginning Biosphere was organic and almost immediately it became also 100% gluten free. Sylvie challenged herself once again to create gluten free food that was as good as its gluten counterpart.

Starting from last June, Biosphère is opened also on Sunday to enjoy a good gluten free brunch.

Along with your coffee, cappuccino, tea or hot chocolate you have a savoury dish made of omelette, fresh baked bread, hot soup (mine was with pumpkin and delish), and pizza. The pizza was not like in Naples where I come from but it was yummy and I enjoyed it.

The sweet side of the brunch at Biosphère comes with hot pancakes, jam, a freshly squeezed juice, a fruit salad and compote and the gluten free croissant!! I loved it !

At the moment the gluten free croissant is available only for the Sunday brunch and Sylvie is constantly improving its recipe, but believe me, to be gluten free it was good, Bravo !!

You can also have it lactose free if you call Biosphère one day in advance.

The atmosphere at the coffee shop is homey, relaxed and laid-back. It can be crowed sometimes but that is because Sylvie is good at what she does, she puts much effort and passion in her work. I salute that. Merci!

pS if you would like to taste Sylvie’s freshly baked gluten free baguette, please call her to order yours.

Biosphère Café

47, rue de Laborde
75008 Paris
Tel. +33 01 42 93 45 58


Opening hours

Mon -Fri
12 am – 6 pm
Sat 12 am – 10 pm
Sun Brunch  11 am – 4 pm
Reservations only by phone







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