Gluten free menu suspended, you can now find it in the new Big Love Café in Paris Marais

For an Italian like myself it’s always kind of strange when I am abroad to say …hey, let’s go eat Italian today! I come from the South of Italy, my grandmother used to cook at home, so did my mother yesterday and so does my brother and myself do today. I found cooking beautiful, warm and peaceful, it’s like a hug, a way of nurturing myself and the people I love.

I live in Paris today and I’ve chosen to work in the gluten free business. Basically, apart from this blog that I love, I have started working to distribute great tasting, gluten free Italian products like pasta in France. It came all natural to me to knock one day at the door of Paris most famous and wanted Italian restaurant: East Mamma (+ Ober Mamma=Big Mamma group!).

So happy that they opened the door and let me in, basically they let gluten free in! Starting from today, the great Lasagne from La Rosa, one Italian brand that is 100% artisanal, gluten free, lactose and egg free (so vegan too) are going to be available at East Mamma for the greatest joy, shall I say it, of all of us gluten free eaters!!!

The talented Italian chef Ciro Cristiano has concocted one great recipe made of besciamella sauce and fresh vegetables coming straight from Italy. To me it is the ultimate comfort food.

My friend Soraya from Gluten free in Paris came with me today to try the lasagne together and according to her they are “très bonnes”.

Gluten free options on the menu include also a salad, great mozzarella and ricotta di bufala, stracchino, gorgonzola, fish, culatello, Parma ham and vegetables, all coming straight from Italy. There is also one dessert that is no gluten: the renown Italian panna cotta. Soraya and I shared it together. I liked the candied oranges a lot. They married beautifully the creamy, luscious vanilla panna cotta.

Big Mamma is a beautiful project with two-venues Italian restaurants in Paris: East Mamma and Ober Mamma, created by two talented businessmen passionated by Italian cuisine: Tigrane Seydoux and Victor Lugger.

They have travelled in Italy a lot, they have cooked Italian dishes many times, they have tried and experimented for a couple of years and then, they started this adventure together. Their objective is to propose great tasting, authentic Italian food, mostly home-made or via carefully selected Italian producers, at affordable prices for a city like Paris.

They wanted it hard. They made it true. Grazie Mamma!

East Mamma

133 rue du FB St Antoine
75011 Paris
Tel. 0033 (0)1 43 41 32 15



Opening hours

Mon – Fri
12.15 am – 2.30 pm
 7 – 10.45 pm
Sat – Sun
12.15 am – 2.45 pm
 7 – 11 pm



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