Today we eat gluten free and Italian in Paris!

Here I am in Paris to taste the new gluten free menu at one of the most popular coffee shops and restaurants in the city: Big Love Café, at heart of the beautiful and trendy Marais neighbourhood.

Big Love Café is part of the Big Mamma group and I have already told you about it in a previous post. If you are curious, it’s right here.

Today they propose a new menu with more gluten free options and this is good news indeed!

big love café espresso
big love café gluten free granola

On top of the list there is her majesty, the gluten free pizza made by trained Italian pizzaiolo and cooked inside a wooden oven as it is tradition in Italy.

I love pizza more than any other foods in the world, if you are familiar with my blog, you might have noticed that I created a whole category devoted to find the best pizza everywhere I go.

However, this time I chose not to eat it.


Because when I asked about the ingredients as I always do in all the restaurants that I go, I was told that the main one is deglutinated wheat starch.

After 20 years of being diagnosed with celiac disease, I have decided not to eat ingredients that are so much processed by the food industry and I choose those that are naturally gluten free even if the celiac association certifies them as gluten free ( be careful that they are not wheat free though… ).

I hope that one day both restaurants and the food industry will no longer use them: to me the point is not “to copy” products with gluten no matter what, but to propose foods that are naturally gluten free and “differently good”, as I love to say.

That said, I enjoyed some tasty avocado toast made with gluten free bread by the Parisian artisanal bakery Chambelland, homemade granola and a very good coffee, to me one of the best coffee in Paris.

The menu includes also gluten free lasagne and tiramisu.

The restaurant is beautiful as all the other restaurants of the Big Mamma group are. I took a real pleasure at looking at all those details that I loved here and there.

The staff is very kind and mostly Italian: it made me feel a bit of “a casa”.

I hope that in the future Big Mamma group will keep developing its gluten free menu, this is what I like to call an open-minded and tolerant attitude towards people who face food intolerances on a daily basis who, at the end of the day, just want to sit at the table and enjoy great food like everybody else.

big love café gluten free pizza
big love café gluten free avocado toast
big love café gluten free avocado toast in paris

Big Love Café

30 Rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris



Opening hours

Open Daily
9 am – 4.30 pm
7.30 – 11 pm




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