Bien means good. Bien is an organic grocery store recently opened in Paris, with two venues in the 3rd arrondissement.

Bien selects with care the best suppliers and products mostly from France, sourcing them locally and following seasonality.  I can say  that the fruit and vegetable that you find here are really fresh  – and I underline the word “fresh” as I sometimes find it hard to find fresh fruit and vegetable in Parisian stores.

Bien is a place I do like to go, they have a very nice selection of gluten free products from organic and allergen-free brands like the German Schintzer and a newly French one that I just discovered “La Pierre qui tourne”.

I also tasted PPURE, an Italian brand of organic, gluten free pasta made of corn and eggs, and drawn in bronze as all best pasta is.  I think the packaging looks so beautifully and it lets you see what it hides inside. I am already feeling hungry…!

At Bien they also sell fresh gluten free bread. That’s a biggie for me, as an Italian I do love bread. My favorite is the “pain brioché”- the brioche bread – with raisin or, as I have just discovered and eaten, with blueberry. I put it in my post cover picture, I thought it totally deserved it.

Last time I was there I discovered they have a naturopath that is willing to guide you though their wide selection of natural products, from body care to food health care.

Last but not least, in Bien I finally met…Kale! My American friends have been telling me about kale for ages and also how disappointed they were that they couldn’t find it in Paris. Today Kale is “home-made” in France and here it is, looking so pretty with its curly leaves. And I find it really delicious when cooked, thank you Tina!

Bien, Paris

20 rue Saint-Gilles
75003 Paris
8 rue des Quatre Fils
75003 Paris
+ 33 (0)
+ 33 (0)


Opening hours

Mon – Sat:
8.15 am – 8.15 pm
Sun: from 10am



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