Biasetto pastry shop

Biasetto is one of the most famous pastry shops in Italy and also abroad. When I heard that they also make gluten free desserts, I planned my journey to Padova immediately.

Being a coeliac myself, many places that I visit deal also with gluten, so please pay always attention to the “chef hat logo” that I put close to the address and then, use good judgement if you go, this is my only advice as nobody knows your body better than yourself 😉

In Biasetto case, there can be very small traces of gluten in his products but my journey there was perfectly fine and a very happy one indeed.

I took his multi-awarded cake called SETTEVELI (7 veils). I was so glad to find out that it has always been gluten free that I went straight for it. The Setteveli cake played like a symphony in your mouth, really ! I started by feeling a delicate, soft, silky dark chocolate from Venezuela mousse, then I plunged straight in a bavarese of hazelnut praline. Then it came the crunchy part with extra thin seven chocolate veils, and to finish, a brittle of gianduia cream with cereals. One of the most delicious cakes that I have ever tasted!

Biasetto gluten free range of cakes and sweets include also:

SOLE MIO, a delicate lemon cream, vanilla from Madagascar panna cotta, savoiardo biscuit with almond and pistachio (- so good ! – I tried it when I went back to Padova to interview the maestro Luigi Biasetto in person :). VIOLETTA, a delicate bavarese of wild raspberries,  cream with vanilla from Tahiti + lime, sponge cake made of olive oil. And the more classic TIRAMISU and CATALAN CREAM. There are also ICE CREAMS, MACARONS, CHOCOLATE PRALINE and JAMS. New gluten free desserts are created following up the seasons and the maestro creativity and inspirations. So when you go, you can always find something new and delicious to eat.

At Biasetto quality is a must: they take care at selecting only the best ingredients from the pistachio from Bronte, in Sicily, to the hazelnuts from Asti, in Piemonte and this just to name a few. They know all of their suppliers and check all the chain that brings these healthy and good ingredients in their atelier to become some of the best gluten free desserts that I have ever had.

At Biasetto, you cal also make a stop for an aperitivo and for us, gluten free eaters and lovers, there are yummy chips that are baked, not fried, but I can say that when you taste them they are so good that you cannot spot the difference, and also grilled spiced almonds. To die for ! The best that I have ever tasted.

As the maestro Biasetto told me, you go to a pastry shop to be happy and feel good, it is like going to a party and I did love partying with all of his sweet gluten free desserts.


Via Facciolati 12
35126 Padova
Tel. +39 049 802442811 66


Opening hours

Tue – Sun
7 am- 8 pm
Closed on Monday
Closed on Sat afternoon and Sun



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