Best gluten free bread in London!

Today I bring you to London with me, direction one of my favorites gluten free bakeries and coffee shops: Beyond Bread.

Elise and I are in town for the weekend and I couldn’t help showing her the most fantastic gluten free bread that I have ever eaten in my life of celiac girl.

I have known Beyond Bread since it opened almost two years ago and I still remember the feeling when I bit into its deliciously fluffy, tasty bread for the first time of my life.

If you are celiac or gluten intolerant, you know how tough and sometimes frustrating it can be to find GOOD, decent gluten free bread; then if you are, you know the feeling of PURE happiness when you finally do!

beyond bread gluten free raisin roll
beyond bread raspberry tart

We went there for the Saturday brunch to discover Beyond Bread second and new venue situated in the lovely Islington.

I do love it here: when you step out of the tube, it’s like you are in the cutest little town, houses are small and cosy, there is a majestic church overlooking the street, the crowd is a mix of locals and tourists.

The brunch was absolutely divine!

We had homemade granola, with Greek yogurt and blueberries; I went for the best avocado toast of my life, no kidding, my photo, I hope, will speak by itself; it was perfectly seasoned, generous and very tasty; the seeded bread was crunchy outside and moist inside, just perfect!

Elise tasted the Victoria sponge cake, I had a bite of it too and we were both amazed by the consistency, so moist, so light, still so rare for gluten free.

I chose a raspberry muffin that I ate later at home, lovely this one too.

beyond bread gluten free delicious brunch
beyond bread best avocado toast
beyond bread tea time

I also took home with me two new bread: the flat one that looks like an Italian focaccia and I think it goes perfectly for an aperitivo and the yeast free bread. It was so good. I kept enjoying it all week long and felt blessed that I could finally have great toasts in the morning.

Beyond Bread is the brainchild of entrepreneur Elena Golubovich, one smart, beautiful and talented woman that I met the first time I went to Beyond Bread. I also met with Kasia Kendzia, the manager, who’s been developing the gluten free bread range along with Elena. It was so nice to catch up with her. Kasia told me that now we can find Beyond Bread gluten free bread range also at Whole Foods, how great is that!! I am so happy for them, they are such a great, passionate team, working hard to deliver the best possible bread and always very kind and attentive to their customers.

Before I leave Beyond Bread, here it is one inspiring interview to Elena, the founder:

Chiara: Why did you decide to make gluten free bread?

Elena: After eliminating gluten from my diet nearly 10 years ago, I was frustrated by how little freshly-baked food there is that’s gluten-free and tasty. I spent a long time researching and being inspired by gluten-free baking before finally taking the plunge to open my own place in January 2015.

Chiara: If you should describe your experience of actually making gluten free

bread, how would you picture it?

Elena: Making gluten-free bread is a combination of love, chemistry and A LOT of patience. It takes a lot of experimenting and tweaking to get it right, and the result is not always guaranteed. It’s a leap of faith but the hard work results in consistent product.

Chiara: What is the gluten free food that you love the most?

Elena: I’m very proud of all of our breads. My latest favorite must be a focaccia that we’re developing. And of course the honey cake, which was adapted for Beyond Bread from a 35-year-old family recipe!

Chiara: What’s your next challenge?

Elena: We challenge ourselves every day to make our products better. We’ve been really busy creating a range of exclusive products for Wholefoods – our bread is now stocked in all 7 London branches with pastries soon to follow! We’re also in the midst of developing a range of new products for the Christmas period.

… can’t wait to be back to London!

beyond bread glutenfree bread
beyond bread I love this bread
beyond bread avocado addict
I love beyond bread gluten free avocado toast
love gluten free bread
beyond bread delicious gluten free muffin

Beyond Bread

 2 Charlotte Place
London W1T 1SB
Tel +44 (0) 2076 367 055
267 Upper Street
London N1 2UQ
Tel +44 (0) 2071 833 213


Opening hours

Charlotte Place
Mon – Fri 8.30 am – 5 pm
Sat- Sun 10 am – 5 pm
Upper Street
Mon – Fri 7.30 am – 7 pm
Sat 9 am – 7 pm
Sun 9 am – 6 pm





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