Sneaky raccoon, rocking chèvre, hungry bear, tasty tuna, lumberjack, are these the new characters of the latest Disney movie…?!? Actually they are the main characters of a fantastic range of gluten free fresh sandwiches that you can enjoy at Bears and Raccoons in Paris. The chapter of a new story on gluten free initiated by Barbara and Gianni less than one year ago.

Bears and Raccoon is a new venue dedicated exclusively to gluten free food and it opened in Paris XI arrondissement – my favorite neighborhood to date – rue Richard Lenoir. If you are in Bastille, you can walk there easily and spot some other nice places along the way. Barbara and Gianni are young, beautiful, super nice and friendly. They created a place that is warm, welcoming and where you can feel at your ease in a heartbeat. Bears and Raccoon is specialized in gluten free sandwiches that are kind of fantastic! For lunch I had the River Run with salmon, cream cheese, avocado, chives, dill herb, lemon dressing.

As there is free wifi I stayed there to work all the afternoon long and I indulged in yet another gluten free treat. I went for an almond tart by The Atelier des Lilas – a French catering of gluten free food – and a wonderful cup of chai latte with soya milk prepared with much love by Barbara herself.

At Bears and Raccoons, it is quite impossible to go away empty handed. Gianni and Barbara created a gluten free corner where you can shop many gluten free products. I did love their choice: all products are selected with care to give you new things to try. When I go there, I can always spot and find something new. This time I left with some dark 70% chocolate from Colombia. It was delish!

Bears and Raccoons

71, rue Richard Lenoir
75011 Paris
tel. 0033 (0)9 51 67 87 71


Opening hours

Mon-Friday 11 am .6.30 pm
Sat 11am-9.30pm
Closed on Sunday









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