Balbosté is a yiddish word and it means the woman who runs and takes care of the house, she is the one that puts everyone together thanks to her kindness and indulgence;  it’s actually like this that I like to see Charlotte Sitbon, founder and chef of Balbosté.

When I went to her atelier in Paris one month ago, I saw her immersed in tons of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruit, all smiley and concentrated to shape each vegetable meticulously to sort out the most amazing forms, colours and flavours for her rolls. A way to have her guests indulge in the most delicious food around a beautiful table and a pleasant chit-chat.

Balbosté is also an innovative Food Project that proposes handmade, seasonal rolls with a twist: the twist being Charlotte’s incredible talent and sparkling creativity that make her imagine always new combinations of ingredients, with much elegance and grace.

balboste rolls gluten free
balboste rolls with ricotta and honey
balboste agua de pina

I had already met Charlotte to an event she invited me to and we bonded incredibly well: it’s like I have known her forever, it was so easy to get along, to share our passions and common interests, I bet you’ve felt the same for other people …it’s such a great feeling!

Then… well, I tasted her rolls and they were incredibly good, I literally couldn’t stop eating them…!

When she said that she did like my work as a Food photographer and stylist, and she asked me to imagine a series of photos for her, I was very happy.

For the occasion I met also with her partner Sayaka Kaneko.

Sayaka works along with Charlotte and she creates all the beautiful desserts at Balbosté.

She is a self-taught cook and pastry chef: she likes to experiment with probiotics and fermentation as a way to enhance and preserve the properties of the organic foods she works with. She also likes to create desserts that can please everyone from vegan to gluten free people, and as the rice is her main ingredient, it’s easy said and done!

Besides she is also very kind in person, and it was lovely talking to her.

Actually they both are and while I had planned to work for two hours, I ended up spending the whole afternoon because working with people with common passions and interests, it’s such a blessing and I actually don’t see time passing by!

So now, if I made you enough curious to taste Balbosté rolls and pastries, and you have a special event coming up, just email Charlotte at

They will be both delighted to create the most amazing food to amaze both you and your guests !

pS orders start from 15 people.

balboste gluten free pink cake

To place an order
– starting from 15 people –
email Charlotte Sitbon at:



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