Today I went to Turin for work and what a beautiful sunny day I found, it seemed that spring had blossomed all in once. Luckily for me sun wasn’t the only surprise on the menu. I went to a Tobacco to buy my usual metro + bus tickets and there I saw what I have never seen before… “senza glutine” a.k.a. gluten free written in capital letters close to the Bacio chocolates by Perugina!

As an Italian born in ’75, I grew up adoring this small chocolate gem: dark chocolate outside, warm enveloping gianduia cream inside, and one big golden hazelnut on top.

Now that the Bacio has become gluten free certified, I was more than happy to buy some and savoring them slowly, I plunged in a sweet childhood memory that brought me back of several years, when I was a kid.

And don’t forget that what was and still is fun about the Bacio chocolate is the little quote that you find wrapped inside each of them.

As you might imagine, as children, we used to collect these little posts. They looked precious to us and in part they still are. The one I found today is particularly meaningful to my life right now, they say that nothing happens by chance… I dedicate these words by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi to all of you who will read this post:

Ah quell’amor che è palpito dell’universo intero

To that love, that is the beat of the whole universe.

Baci Perugina 


  • Avatar Maggie Robinson says:

    Where can I buy this chocolate in Brandon Manitoba Canada

  • Avatar Colleen Rivera says:

    Hello does anyone know if all the Bacio’s are gluten free or just the ones in the silver wrapper? The eataly store near my office in NYC, USA has the ones wrapped in navy blue and the ones wrapped in the lighter color blue (which I believe are milk chocolate)

    • Avatar bacididama says:

      In Italy they are labelled gluten free, both of them. Before buying make sure you can read “gluten free” somewhere 🙂

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