This is for sure the most beautiful gift that I received for Christmas this year: dear Elisa, from one blog that I love Glutenfreeely, surprised me with this fantastic recipe to make my favourite ever gluten free baci di dama biscuits. As you know, I love them so much that I named my website after them. I couldn’t be happier and have more gratitude for Elisa: eating gluten free brought us together, a beautiful friendship bloomed thanks to that and this is priceless to me…Grazie Elisa !


The day before put the hazelnut in a plastic bag and in the freezer for a whole night.


With the help of a mixer grind the hazelnuts with half of the sugar. Put it aside.


In a kneading machine add the butter, the sugar, and mix with a “leaf” beater. Be careful that the butter does not warm up too much. Add the grinded hazelnuts, the rice flour, the starches, the xanthan and a pinch of salt. Continue to mix. Once you obtain a smooth dough, take it out and form a ball with your hands. Put it in a wrap and then in the fridge for an hour.


Now you are ready to make small balls – bigger than a hazelnut – leaving one side flat – not round.

Take a baking tray, put some greaseproof paper on it and place the little balls on it. Put them back in the fridge to cool down for another half an hour.


Pre-heat the oven to 150°.

Put the tray at medium high and have the baci di dama cook for about 15 minutes. They have to turn golden brown.


Cool them down completely before touching them as they are very delicate.

Melt the dark chocolate at “bain-marie”, dip the flat side of the bacio di dama in the chocolate and then couple it with another bacio di dama so that they will stick to one another. Repeat the procedure for all of them.

Important piece of advice: be careful to the oven temperature: if it is too hot, the biscuits will melt.

To discover more about Elisa and her blog, it’s here, in my interview to her:

Per la versione in italiano della ricetta, è sul sito di Elisa:



Recipe for 20 baci di dama :
– 50g caster sugar
– 50g peeled and toasted hazelnuts
– 45g cold butter
– 25g rice flour
– 20g corn starch
– 10g potato starch
– 50g dark chocolate
– 1 g xanthan
– 1 pinch of salt
Recipe by Elisa from the blog Glutenfreeely






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