Alle Due Gondolette trattoria

While I was working at the Venice Biennale this year, some friends I was working with made me discover a hidden gem in Venice: Alle Due Gondolette trattoria. To me the best price / quality ratio of the city, with several gluten free options available on the menu.

This week I was back in Venice for work and I decided to head there immediately to know them better and try one more time their delicious gluten free dishes.

Alle Due Gondolette is a family-run business: Davide, Luisa and their son Sebastiano have created a place that is warm and welcoming. More than stepping into a restaurant, you have the feeling of entering a home that is open, cheerful and friendly.

The menu varies according to the seasons and is constantly updated by Sebastiano and his mother Luisa: the first more oriented on experimenting new flavours and textures while Luisa is performing her art at creating dishes that are typical of the best Venetian culinary tradition.

There is gluten free pasta always available and most of the dishes are about fish. I love codfish and couldn’t resit the codfish cooked “alla Trevigiana” with white corn polenta. The white corn flour is called “biancoperla” and it is a variety that can be found only in Venice. I prefer it to the yellow one – I find it more delicate and tasty.

Luisa is always attentive at selecting products that are locally sourced, looking for the best quality available. This is why you can taste some special mortadella or cheese that are typically Italian and presided over by Slow Food.

In my picture, some very good mortadella is served with home-made pickled “portaluca” vegetable that you can find in the region of Veneto.

My gluten free dessert was a semifreddo with yoghurt, candied celery, dark chocolate and vodka. I loved it!

Davide, Luisa and Sebastiano succeeded at creating a restaurant that is aiming at offering the best possible quality at prices at are still affordable, creatively mixing the new and the old of Italian cuisine and of Venice in particular.

I have to say that I do have a thing for the Venetian cuisine and hope to be back Alle Due Gondolette any time soon!

Alle Due Gondolette

Fondamenta de le Capuzine
Canaregio 3016 – 
Tel. :  +39 041 717523


Opening hours

Mon to Sat
12 am – 2.30 pm
Fri – Sat
7 – 10 pm
Closed on Sunday



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